Congressos e Conferências

American Urological Association Meeting 2017 – Boston – EUA

Ureteroileal bypass: a new robotic technique to treat ureteroenteric strictutres in urinary diversion” Guilherme Philomeno...

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American Urological Association Meeting 2016 – San Diego

“Can magnetic resonance imaging reduce positive surgical margins in radical prostatectomy?” Guilherme Philomeno Padovani, Rafael...

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XXXV Congresso Brasileiro de Urologia – Rio de janeiro 2015

“Pode a ressonância magnética reduzir as margens cirúrgicas postivas em prostatectomia radical?” Guilherme Philomeno Padovani,...

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4th International Meeting “Challenges in Endourology & Functional Urology” (Paris-France, 1-3 June 2014)

“Percutaneous nephrolithotomy in patients with solitary kidney: comparison with CROES Study and a critical outcome...

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Scientific Program of 32nd World Congress of Endourology & SWL – poster presentation

​“Ureteral stricture after laser lithotripsy for impacted calculi: outcomes after open/videolaparoscopic surgery and endoureterotomy” Giovanni...

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